New SLAB performance measures provide a whole service assessment and drive improvements

The way we measure what we do and how well we do it has changed following a review of our performance framework.

Our Corporate Plan set out our intentions to change our key performance indicators from April 2017.

The aim is to introduce more meaningful measures of our performance to help us focus our energies on what matters most to solicitors and applicants.

We are now starting to report our performance externally every quarter. This is instead of the annual model used under the old performance framework.

The SLAB Operational Performance Overview Reports (SOPOR) for Q1 (April-June 2018) and Q2 (July-September 2018) are now available on our website.

You can find out more about why we felt the change was necessary and our vision for the new key performance indicators on p10-11 of the 2017-18 Annual Report .

You may already have been involved with some of these changes by way of the introduction of our short solicitor surveys to help measure customer satisfaction.

We provided feedback on these in October. We paused the micro-surveys to avoid survey fatigue and to allow us to act upon some of the key themes emerging.

The intention is to restart them in time to report in April 2019.

For more information: Please contact Cathrin Innes,

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