Updated phone details for contacting SLAB teams

We have updated the telephone numbers on our Contact Us page to help you call directly to the relevant team.

The new phone numbers replace the multiple mobile numbers that have been in use since the pandemic began. We know that at times this set up wasn’t ideal and we appreciate your patience during the pandemic when trying to contact us.

Many of the numbers listed are now part of ring groups that will place your call with an available member of the relevant team.

Where call volumes mean all team members are engaged on calls you will be able to leave a voicemail. Teams are alerted when voicemail messages are received and will respond to these as soon as someone is available to assist.

Alternatively, the Contact Us page gives email addresses for teams and you can send your query to us or ask for a call back. We will also respond to these as quickly as possible.


We are just finalising changes to our switchboard system that will allow it to operate fully again. We will update you shortly when it is back online.

We’d still recommend where possible using the direct dial numbers given on our Contact Us page but the switchboard’s telephone routing system will also allow you to connect you with the relevant team.

For more information

Please contact the Communications team: communications@slab.org.uk

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