Urgent update requests only due to high Civil application volumes

The Civil Financial Assessment Unit is currently assessing a high volume of civil legal aid financial assessments and associated correspondence.

While every effort is being made to deal with these as quickly as possible, there has been a lengthening of our turnaround times and some delays in our decision making process. We apologise for this.

We are working on reducing turnaround times but are also spending a significant amount of time acknowledging and responding to requests for updates on the status of individual applications.

To assist us with prioritisation of the outstanding applications, please only contact us to request an update if the matter is urgent and cannot be resolved through special urgency cover.

During this time, we will be unable to provide detailed responses or estimated turnaround times to update requests where there is no urgency. This will allow the Unit to focus on carrying out the assessments and intimating decisions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during what we hope will be a short period of disruption to our usual standard of service.

The Civil Financial Assessment Unit

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