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Internet connection

Video conferencing requires a good internet connection which provides a good bandwidth. The minimum recommended bandwidth for the video link is 512 kbps for both ‘upload and download’.

Note: Internet speeds vary between download and upload and both should be checked to ensure sufficient bandwidth to send and receive video and sound.

Users should note that even although there is a good internet connection the use of other devices on the same connection can impact seriously on the available bandwidth and could affect the quality or cause failure of the video link.

The picture quality and sound experienced is dependent on the quality of the equipment used and speed of the internet connection.

However, it should be understood that there is little we can do to address issues related to the speed or quality of the internet connection or software issues related to the legal agent’s computer or device.


Agents should ensure that they only dial from a secure broadband network. Use of the mobile phone network and mobile hotspots should not be used as this may compromise the security of the connection.

We would also suggest that when connecting from your office or home you should consider your surroundings and remove any personal items that you would not wish to be visible to your client.

Troubleshooting guide

This troubleshooting guide should be considered in conjunction with section 3.8 Procedure where there is a connection failure in the user guidance.

1. What equipment do I need?

You can use either a laptop/desktop or tablet with the following:

  • Webcam
  • Up to date operating system
  • Access to individual email
  • Broadband connection (512 kbs is recommended)

2. What should I do if I have problems connecting?

As the video link require internet connections it is essential to have access to a good broadband connection available to allow the Video consultation to be successful. Other users sharing the same internet connection can have an impact on the quality of your Video consultation.

Here are some of the things you should check if you experience a connection problem:

a. The software client does not connect when activated

This will probably be down to no or poor internet connection. Check your connection and if you are using a desktop or laptop via Wi Fi you should try connecting a network cable.

b. The software freezes when trying to connect (tablets)

You may have gone from a good internet connection to no or poor connection. Check your internet connection – carry out a forced shut down on your tablet and restart.

c. I have connected but the quality of picture and/or sound is poor.

  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting the call
  • Check if other users within your location are restricting the bandwidth which will impact on the quality of internet connection available.

d. The quality of the sound is okay at my end but the prison cannot hear me.

  • Check the volume on your device is not set to low or off.
  • If you are using a tablet make sure your case is not hindering the sound.

e. There is no sound at either end.

This is likely to be down to a poor connection.

Agent video links

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