Some of your clients may need to use an interpreter or have correspondence and documents translated into their native language.

Our Register of Interpreters and Translators provides information about suppliers who have contacted us and agreed to do translating and/or interpreting work.
Please note that inclusion on the register does not imply endorsement by us.

Please contact Charlene Mason, on 0131 240 2052 or by email, if you need more information or have any queries after reading the guidance below.

Registering or updating your details for our Register of Interpreters and Translators

Registering as an interpreter or translator

Please complete the form below if you would like to register as an interpreter.

Updating details

Please complete form below if you need to update your details on the register.

Guidance on interpreting and translating

Guidance on using an interpreter/translator is contained in our Legal Aid Guidance.
The guidance is the same for each aid type.

Find out about:

Please note: We ask those registering for our Register to confirm if they hold a DPSI qualification but we are not responsible for checking their professional qualifications. If you want guidance on credentials for interpreting/translating please contact professional bodies such as the linguists’ body CIOL.

Register as an interpreter or translator

Please use the form below to provide us with your details for publication on the register on our website. This is to assist solicitors in finding a qualified interpreter or translator.

You can use the form to either:

  • Register for the first time for inclusion on our Register of Interpreters and Translators
  • Update your current entry on the Register.

Please note:

You must give us consent to publish your details in the Register.

We aim to review the Register annually, however, it is your responsibility to inform us if any of your details change.

Interpreter and translator form

  • Individual and/or organisation.
  • This will be used to confirm your location but it will not be published on our website.
  • This number will be published in our Register and can be used by solicitors to contact you.
  • If different to telephone number above.
  • eg Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland etc.
  • Please select both options if applicable
  • By agreeing to be on the Register of Interpreters and Translators you give us consent to publish the above details on our website (address exempt), for solicitors to contact you.