A&A accounts and increases: authorised level of expenditure not automatically payable

If we allow an increase in authorised expenditure, this is based solely on the information, including likely costs you give us. In granting the increase, we do not necessarily accept that any fee or claim ultimately made by an expert or other witness within that limit is reasonable.

The authorised increase is an upper limit of authorised expenditure within which you can proceed. It is not a guarantee that we will pay a claim to that level. You still have to justify the expenditure in your account.

Accounts-related information you should ensure an expert is aware of

In certain circumstances, you may wish to discuss the fee with our accounts assessment area before proceeding.

You should:

  • Get an estimate from the witness.
  • Ensure that the witness is aware of the limited expenditure available at any given time and the need to contact you if it may be exceeded.
  • Ensure the witness is aware of their function and is willing to speak to a report.
  • Ensure that the witness is aware of the need to lodge a detailed fee note of the work done, the chargeable hours and the hourly rate.

When you apply for an increase, the costs of any outlays should include VAT.

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