A&A travel costs: steps you should take to ensure costs will meet the statutory tests

If you know you will have to travel, you should take practical steps to ensure that the additional cost of this is kept to a minimum.  It is part of our function to ensure that such work is actually, necessarily and reasonably done and outlays actually, necessarily and reasonably incurred, due regard being had to economy.  The steps you can take include the following:

  • plan travel as far in advance as possible to ensure you are not travelling to the same destination over consecutive days;
  • combine journeys wherever possible;
  • where attending on more than one client at different destinations:
    • plan the journey using the most efficient route, avoiding doubling back;
    • the same solicitor, or unqualified person to whom work is delegated, should attend on the client or clients (and, where work is undertaken by a firm over a wide area, the same solicitor should be delegated to undertake work in a particular area to avoid or at least reduce duplication of costs);
  • where, unavoidably, more than one solicitor or unqualified person needs to travel to the same place, the car journey should be shared;
  • avoid peak time travel where possible, subject to the constraints of visiting times at hospitals and prisons.

Giving details of the postcodes of the departure point and destination helps us assess your account more quickly.  We routinely check distance and duration of travel using various route planners.  We will restrict claims which exceed the recommended duration or distance unless you explain why they have done so.

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