If we approve the employment of an expert witness to prepare a report we will put a limit on the cost.

Where we grant prior approval, this is on the basis that you inform the witness of:

  • the maximum limit of expenditure available at any given time and the need to contact you if it may be exceeded
  • their function and is willing in due course, if necessary, to speak to a report in court
  • the need to lodge, where appropriate, a detailed fee note of the work done, the chargeable hours and the hourly rate.

Where you do not draw the limit to the expert’s attention, we can only pay up to the amount authorised and you will be liable to the expert for any extra costs.

Where an expert has been told of the limit but that limit has been unavoidably exceeded, we may meet the expert’s reasonable costs if we are satisfied that this is appropriate.

If we approve the employment of an expert witness subject to a ceiling of expenditure, this does not allow the witness to automatically claim a fee at that ceiling.

You may not transfer the balance of any approved expenditure. Where the costs of the prior approved work are less than the amount approved, the expert cannot use the left over funds for any other work. If there is additional work required at a future date a new application requires to be submitted to cover that work.

Our accounts assessment staff will be happy to offer guidance if you are ever in any doubt.

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