List of circumstances in which you may undertake urgent work without prior approval

Regulation 18 of the Civil Legal Aid (Scotland) Regulations 2002 gives the full list of circumstances in which you may undertake especially urgent work:

  • Appropriates steps to intimate an intention to oppose proceedings
  • Appropriate steps to state the basis upon which proceedings are opposed
  • Appropriate steps to repone or otherwise recall a decree in absence
  • Moving to sist further procedure or opposing the recall of a sist
  • Moving to prorogate the time for compliance with any order or rule
  • Moving or opposing a motion for discharge of any diet
  • Moving for or opposing decree by default
  • Moving for or opposing a motion for summary decree
  • Initiating proceedings to avoid time-bar
  • Opposing interim orders of any kind
  • Moving for or opposing an exclusion order
  • Moving for or opposing an order for a power of arrest
  • Opposing an application by a local authority for a  permanence order under section 80 of the Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007;
  • Obtaining warrant for inhibition on the dependence or arrestment on the dependence, including (where not already done) initiating proceedings containing an application for such warrant, and taking steps to have the warrant executed
  • Initiating proceedings for suspension or suspension and interdict
  • Initiating or opposing appellate proceedings other than such proceedings in the Supreme Court
  • Initiating such proceedings as are necessary to enable an application to be made for interim liberation in an immigration matter
  • Initiating an application to the Court of Session which is certified by the Scottish Ministers to be a Convention application as defined in regulation 45
  • Appearing at a Child Welfare Hearing which has been fixed under rule 33.22A of the Ordinary Cause Rules 1993.

Case management hearings

Please note:

In terms of the Act of Sederunt (Ordinary Cause Rules 1993 Amendment) (Case Management of Defended Family and Civil Partnership Actions) 2022, the Initial Case Management Hearing must be on the first suitable court day, not occurring sooner than 21 days or later than 49 days, after the last date of the notice lodging intention to defend.

It is likely that the date and time of the Initial Case Management Hearing will coincide with the first Child Welfare Hearing.

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