Outlays for ordinary witnesses cited to attend court

Ordinary witnesses – loss of earnings

If the witness has lost earnings as a result of attending court, we may reimburse the net loss.  The witness should provide you with a letter from their employer.  This should be on letter headed paper and signed by the employer and state the exact net loss of earnings.  If the witness is self-employed we will require a letter from their accountant.

Ordinary witnesses - travel

When travelling, the most economical form of transport should be used.  All train and air fares will be paid at Standard Class.  The witness should retain all tickets to be submitted with the account.  If the witness uses their own car we will only pay their out of pocket expenses. Typically, this will be calculated on the HMRC rates for fuel costs.

Ordinary witness - accommodation/subsistence

Where an overnight stay cannot be avoided, we will pay:

  • Up to £80 per night inclusive of bed and breakfast.
  • For an evening meal up to a maximum of £15.

We will not pay for any alcohol, newspapers, telephone calls or sundries. We will only make payment of accommodation/subsistence costs where an itemised receipt is provided. Credit card and bank statements will not be accepted as proof of payment.

Child minding

If a witness employs a baby-sitter or child minder, they will be reimbursed only if these services are not normally required. If the child minder is registered with the Local Authority the child minder’s registration number is required.

Child minding – hourly rates

The hourly rates payable to registered child minders and non-registered child minders will be allowed at the following rates:

  • Registered child minder £3.50.
  • Non-registered child minder £1.00.
  • Where the witness provides a receipted invoice from a nursery, the amount stated on the invoice will be paid.


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