Outlays for professional witnesses cited to attend court

Professional witnesses

We view a professional witness as a person practicing as:

  • A member of the legal or medical profession.
  • A dentist, veterinary surgeon, accountant or other similarly qualified person who attends to give evidence in a professional capacity.

In order to assess a claim, we require to know:

  • The name and designation of the witness.
  • The time engaged.
  • The basis for the fee sought.
  • Details of any necessary travel etc.
  • Any vouching for outlays that have been incurred.

Police witnesses

Outlays are not payable for the taking of a police statement.  Should you be charged a fee, we will require you to provide confirmation that the police are aware of the nature of the case i.e. a children’s referral, along with submission of the outlay.


We have published guidance on the level of fees that we will pay for interpreting and translation services.

The guidance includes:

  • Maximum hourly rate payable.
  • Waiting time.
  • Travel and subsistence.
  • Cancellation fees.
  • Translations.
  • Transcribing.
  • Preparing invoices (including a pro-forma invoice).

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