Parole Board cases: increases in authorised expenditure

Basic limit of expenditure

The £215 initial limit applies to the provision of ABWOR in proceedings in a Parole Board case.  This includes all advice and assistance provided in connection with the proceedings.

Normal increase procedure applies

The normal procedure for obtaining an increase in authorised expenditure in an advice and assistance case applies also in an ABWOR case.  The work done is chargeable on a detailed fee basis; no block fees are prescribed and you must take care to ensure you do not exceed the initial limit or any increased limit.

When seeking an increase in expenditure, you should specify the existing limit that is being worked to – that is, either the £185 initial limit or any increased limit already authorised, and attach a copy of previous requests.

The increase application should fully set out:

  • the type of prisoner
  • that Part IV of the 2001 rules applies
  • the work to be done and a detailed breakdown of costings for this.

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