Provision of A&A and ABWOR in Parole Board cases: introduction

The provisions governing ABWOR in Parole Board cases are complex, as they include reference to certain provisions of the Parole Board (Scotland) Rules 2001.  Only certain designated life prisoners, prisoners who are treated as designated life prisoners, or prisoners subject to an extended sentence, and whose case is referred to the Parole Board by the Scottish Ministers, are eligible to receive ABWOR.  The case of such a prisoner will be dealt with by a tribunal of Parole Board members, and will include a preliminary hearing before the chair of such a tribunal.  If given ABWOR, the prisoner will be entitled to representation at all stages of the proceedings before the tribunal.

You may grant advice and assistance to prisoners with cases due to go before the Parole Board for Scotland, to give them advice on procedures, etc.  ABWOR may be available, however, in cases which go before the Parole Board constituted as a tribunal in accordance with Part IV of the Parole Board Rules 2001 only (rules 18-28).

For all A&A and ABWOR applications for Parole Board cases, you must provide the client’s prisoner number in the required field on the online application.

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