What information should you supply with your civil A&A account?

When seeking payment the onus is on you to give us enough information to enable us to assess your account properly.

You have to give us enough information about:

  • The nature of the advice and the extent to which giving the advice was reasonable
  • The work carried out
  • What documents were referred to where a fee for perusal or preparation is claimed
  • Sufficient narrative for lengthy meetings, telephone conversations or letters

We also need sufficient information to be satisfied that the specific criteria have been met where ABWOR is made available for proceedings.

Our power to request information for the assessing of accounts

We can in terms of Regulation 15 of the Advice and Assistance (Scotland) (Regulations) 1996 request any information we may require for the purposes of performing our functions under the act.  You are not precluded from providing information because of solicitor-client confidentiality.

We may consider it necessary to request files, time records or any other information to assess accounts and satisfy ourselves that the appropriate tests have been met.


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