Amendments to Civ Sol online registration screen

We are making a few changes to the Civ Sol registration screen (Family and Non Family) on Legal Aid Online.

They will be effective from Thursday 7 January.

These changes are part of our development of an online financial eligibility Form 2 and to assist with applicant communications during Covid.

These can be found on the Applicant tab as shown in the image below and the updates are as follows:

Additional (non-mandatory) fields:

  • E-mail address
  • Confirm E-mail address
  • Applicant Telephone Number (this field is now permanently displayed – previously it was dependent on a Yes answer to the Applicant can be phoned during the day question)

Additional option on Applicant’s gender question:

  • Prefer not to say

For more information:

Please contact Cathrin Innes, Projects Manager


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