Change to Children’s ABWOR assessment procedure

We are changing the way we process requests for ABWOR to improve clarity around the status of the application and the need for further information.

With effect from Monday 8 July we will no longer apply a hold to a request for ABWOR.

If there is insufficient information to determine the request we will now fail the ABWOR test. You will receive a notification giving the reason for the refusal. You can then submit a reconsideration providing the details required.

By dealing with requests for further information in this way we have removed the potential for numerous continuations and then the need for the application to be rejected.

This change brings the process for requests for Children’s ABWOR in line with Criminal and Civil ABWOR requests.

For more information, please contact Alison Brand, Team Leader, on 0131 240 1958 should you have any queries.

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