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Qualitative research with Children’s legal assistance solicitors

18 May 2023

Qualitative research with solicitors who provide Children’s legal assistance will take place June 2023 to further explore experiences Hearings system.


Fee applicable for framing citations in Adults With Incapacity and Children’s legal aid cases

6 March 2023

We have amended our legal aid guidance on the framing of court forms for citations in Adults with Incapacity (AWI) and Children’s legal aid cases


Participation Individual’s at children’s hearings and pre hearing panels – ABWOR to be available

19 January 2023

The Legal Aid and Advice and Assistance (Miscellaneous Amendment) (Scotland) Regulations 2023 come into force on 23 January 2023


Survey of solicitors providing children’s legal aid

27 October 2022

We are undertaking a survey of solicitors providing children’s legal aid to explore experiences of providing legal aid.


Ensuring valid application for participation individuals at Children’s Hearings – no availability of ABWOR at present

16 June 2022

The correct procedure for applying ABWOR for legal representation of siblings seeking to exercise their rights under section 25 of Children (Scotland) 2020 Act


New Children’s policies and decision-makers’ guidance published

9 December 2021

We have published the first policies and decision-makers’ guidance for Children’s Legal Aid as part of our Guidance on the Administration of Legal Aid project


Children’s team preparing for changes to age of criminal responsibility

22 November 2021

Legal assistance will be available from 17 December to defend three orders relating to the Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Act 2019


UPDATED: Participants at Children’s Hearings – applying for a determination for representation under S25 of the Children (Scotland) Act 2020

17 August 2021

How to request a determination from Scottish Government under section 4(2)(c) of the 1986 Act regarding Section 25 of the 2020 Act regarding Children's hearings


Covid-19: Refreshed CRWIA for the emergency children’s provisions for the hearings system

11 December 2020

A refreshed Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) for the children’s provisions in the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 has been published.


Children’s Hearings 12-month duty plans published

17 June 2020

Children’s Hearings Duty Plans for the next 12 months are now available. These plans cover the period 22 June 2020 to 25 June 2021.