New Children’s policies and decision-makers’ guidance published

This update provides information about the first release of policies and decision-makers’ guidance (DMG) for Children’s Legal Aid, as part of our Guidance on the Administration of Legal Aid (GALA) project.

In October 2020 we launched a new framework of policy and guidance specifically developed to support our staff when making decisions on applications and accounts.  The first batches of material published were on criminal applications.

We have now added policy statements and DMG on some of the eligibility tests for children’s legal aid.

The GALA project is a two-year programme of work and material about decisions taken will be published as we complete them.

This guidance is primarily for the use of our internal decision makers, but it will help you to understand how we make our decisions.

As we prepare our policy statements and DMG, the Legal Aid Guidance for solicitors on the SLAB website is reviewed and updated where necessary.

The new Children’s policy statements and DMG are available for the following subject matters:

For more information about the GALA project

Please contact Marie-Louise Fox, Director of Operations


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