Survey of solicitors providing children’s legal aid

We are undertaking a survey of solicitors providing children’s legal aid.

The survey will explore experiences of providing legal aid. It will cover topics such as supply, challenges to provision and the use of different communications and technology.

Progressive Partnership, a research company based in Edinburgh, are undertaking this work on our behalf.

They will be calling solicitors with recent experience of children’s legal aid between Monday 31 October and Friday 25 November to invite them to take part in a telephone survey.

The more people that respond to the survey, the more useful and representative the findings will be and we hope as many solicitors as possible will take part.

For this reason, although most surveys will take place during the working day, Progressive Partnership will do their best to accommodate individuals by scheduling interviews outside these hours if asked to.

The findings will be used to help inform our approach to children’s legal aid, including monitoring supply.

All responses are confidential and will be reported anonymously. It will take around 20-25 minutes to complete the survey, depending on the answers that you give.

Taking part in the survey is voluntary. It will not be possible to identify any individual respondents. For more information on how we process personal data, including the rights individuals have, please see our privacy notice.

The privacy information notice for Progressive Partnership is available at

More information

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about this survey, please contact

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