Children’s Duty Scheme – automatic enrolment for 2020-21 plans

We will shortly be automatically enrolling all solicitors currently registered for the children’s duty scheme onto the 2020-21 duty plans.

The new duty plans begin in June and run for 12 months.

We’re doing this to simplify the process for you. Normally at this time of year we ask firms that wish to be on the Children’s Duty Plans to submit an application to us.

Do you need to do anything?

Please remember to email Margaret Russell if there are any:

  • Dates where you cannot provide cover
  • Changes to areas you want to cover
  • Changes to which solicitors are registered to provide duty cover – this can be to add or remove solicitors.

What if your firm wishes to join the duty scheme?

If your firm wishes to join the duty scheme, please see guidance on our website on how to register, eligibility criteria and your responsibilities.

What if your firm wishes to leave the duty scheme?

If any firm doesn’t wish to be auto-enrolled onto the 2020-21 duty plans, please email Margaret Russell.

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