Covid-19: Fillable digital Form 2 available for civil applications during pandemic

We appreciate that due to the Covid-19 restrictions most solicitors will have to deal with their clients by phone or email over the coming weeks.

To assist in making the application process easier we have made available a fillable fields Word version of Financial Form 2 that can be emailed to your clients and filled in on-screen, without the need for printing a copy. The client can email the completed copy back to you.

Your client should also send you copies of their bank statements and payslips as normal.

Please follow the guidance we issued earlier on applicants’ signatures.

You can then either upload the completed Form 2 online as normal or if this is not possible send it to us by email to

Your client can also send the form directly to this email address if that is easier for you.

If doing so, please ask them to ensure that they write their Legal Aid Reference Number (LARN) on the email.

Where to find the fillable fields Form 2

The fillable Word version of Form 2 is available in the Accounts and Financial forms section of our forms-and-declarations page.

Please note: This is only a basic fillable form and is not intended as a permanent solution. Prior to the Covid-19 crisis we had begun developing an online version of Form 2 and this will provide a more complete solution in due course.


If you or your client needs any assistance in completing the form please ask them to call our Financial Assessment Team on 0131 240 2082 or email at

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