Equality Outcomes Plan for 2023-26

We are pleased to introduce our new Equality Outcomes Plan, which sets out our equality priorities for the next three years.

Our priorities over the coming period are to focus on:

  1.  Creating the conditions to narrow the gender, disability and ethnicity pay gaps.

  2.  Gathering and using equality data to inform our policies and improve our services.

  3.  Gathering and using equality data to advise Ministers as part of our advice on legal aid reform and work to monitor availability and accessibility of legal services.

  4.  Making key information about our work and legal aid accessible to those who need our help.

The plan is aligned to our new corporate plan and contributes to our vision, mission, purpose and corporate objectives. It sets out our equality objectives and details the high-level delivery plan of actions that will be taken to achieve them.

We want to help people access the legal support they need and empower our people to shape and deliver a legal aid system that supports a just, safe and resilient Scotland.

To find out more, read our Equality Outcomes Plan for 2023-26.

For further information on our previous equality work, see our Equality outcomes plan 2021-23 final progress update here, which is available on our equalities page along with details of how to contact us if you have queries.

Download the Equality Outcomes Plan 2023-26

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Equality Outcomes Plan 2023-26 569 KB | 23 January 2024 PDF 569 KB

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