Helping our customers with communication support needs

As part of our public sector equality duty we look to improve access to legal assistance for customers who might otherwise have problems doing so.

We now ask potential and current users of our services to tell us if they require additional communications support when communicating with us.

This support is available to applicants and other customers of SLAB when dealing with us directly.

Usually this is required when applicants:

  • have general questions about the availability of legal aid or the application process
  • need to contact us about an application submitted on their behalf about which we are asking them for information, usually about their financial eligibility.

Support for solicitors to communicate with clients

The provisions above are separate to those available where an interpreter or translator is needed for your client to communicate with you so that you can provide advice and/or submit an application for legal assistance.

If the applicant is eligible, then the cost of this work may be allowed as an outlay on the solicitor’s account under either a grant of advice and assistance or legal aid.

If you need funding for interpreting or translation services to help you communicate with a client who is in receipt of advice and assistance, then you will need to:

  • ask us for an increase in authorised expenditure for this purpose
  • explain what work you want to do and why.

Please see our legal aid guidance on interpreting and translating, our civil sanctions tool and information on finding interpreters and translators.

More information

If you have any questions please contact:

Wendy Dalgleish
Head of Legal Services – Civil and Children’s

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