New Advice and Assistance out of hours helpline number

We have changed the number to ring for the out of hours Advice and Assistance helpline to:

0131 560 2180

You should use this number for the helpline instead of the current mobile number.

Please note that from 31 July, the mobile phone number will be withdrawn from service.

This follows an update of our telephone communications in Criminal Applications.

This change will help ensure that this out of hours service can be maintained at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday – 5pm to 10pm
  • Saturday and Sunday – 10am to 10pm.

Any requests for these approvals during office hours should be made to the Criminal Applications Department on 0131 560 2139.

Any requests after 10pm can be made to the Solicitor Contact Line on 0131 240 2696.

We have updated our solicitor Contact us page to show the change.

A graphic showing the telephone numbers to call at different times of the day and outside normal working hours

Why call the A&A helpline?

The service can be used for any A&A increase requests for police station visits, or for seeking approval for travel to/from a police station which will exceed two hours.

More information

Kingsley Thomas
Head of Criminal Legal Assistance

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