Publication of taxations

We have published a listing of all the auditor decisions that we hold, appropriately redacted, to support transparency.

The publication of taxations and court decisions follows a consultation we carried out last year on our accounts assessment policies.

That consultation was the start of a process that will see us more clearly stating our policies and guidance for those preparing accounts and those assessing accounts to improve the transparency of how decisions are taken as part of the assessment process.

We also committed to publishing a note of all taxations and court decisions that have shaped our taxation policy over the years, even where they are no longer relevant as a result of changes which have been made to the legal aid payment regimes.

The decisions are now available on our website and are listed in the ‘For Solicitors’ section under ‘Other resources’.

We have provided a brief description of the issue that was the subject of taxation which will allow you to identify cases that may be of particular interest.

For more information

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