Remote – resources for staff for remote working

Installing or checking Citrix for homeworking

Guidance on how to install Citrix or check you've got the most up-to-date version.

Citrix setup – not previously installed

  1. Download the Citrix Workspace app from
  2. Once downloaded, open the downloaded file to start the installation process
  3. No changes need to be made in the setup wizard, so just progress past each screen
  4. Once installed, launch the Citrix Workspace app, which will either be on your desktop or in your Start menu.
  5. When prompted to enter a URL or email address, enter:
  6. Log in with your username/password when prompted
  7. When asked to select a store, select ‘SLABStore’
  8. Your Citrix applications will now be presented to you, ready for use.

Citrix check – previously installed

  1. Please ensure that the latest Citrix Receiver is installed via the following link:
  2. You can then log in using your Citrix credentials via the link below:

PDSO&CLAO: Citrix/Olympus – setup instructions

These instructions are for PDSO and CLAO staff on the use of the Olympus software.

Note, these instructions are based on using a PC/laptop with Windows installed, and the process has not been tested for other devices (eg Mac/Chromebooks).

Additionally, it is assumed that the necessary hardware (headsets, foot-pedals, Dictaphones) have already been connected to the PC/laptop.

Lastly, these steps must be performed from a browser (Firefox/Chrome/Edge etc) on your own PC/laptop and not from within Citrix.  To avoid confusion, please log out of Citrix and revisit this page from the browser on your home PC/laptop.

Citrix must be installed

As a pre-requisite to allow usage of the Olympus software from Citrix, the PC/laptop will need to have the Citrix Workspace application installed.

See instructions above on how to install Citrix.

Once Citrix is installed, please follow the next steps before launching.

Installing the Citrix/Olympus driver

Before you can use Olympus transcription/dictation, you will need to install a driver to allow the hardware to connect to Citrix.


For staff in PDSO Edinburgh who use the new Olympus software: you will need to download and install the ODMS7 drivers.

For all other staff/offices: you will need to download and install the ODMS6 drivers.

Once downloaded, open the file.  You should then be presented with a list of files available.  Double-click on the ‘setup’ icon, which will look similar to this:

olympus driver set up icon which is a blue square with two arrows and crescent moon.

Simply progress through the setup wizard to install the driver.  Once this is installed, you can launch the Olympus application from your Citrix Workspace app.

Note, if you already have a Citrix session active, or there are issues/errors when launching the application, you may need to close down all Citrix applications, then try again.

Accessing work email outside of Citrix

You can access your work email using a browser-based version of Outlook.

You can enter the URL in your browser and login using your Citrix details.

Any problems?

Please contact the IS Helpdesk if you are having any difficulties.