Getting Started

Please read the technical requirements section below before beginning. You can email us during office hours if you have any technical issues during the setup.

Technical requirements

Read about the internet connection and security requirements for the agent to prison video link and access a trouble shooting guide.

Step 1: Registration

Please complete and submit the video link mandate eform to register.

A separate mandate must be completed for each solicitor within the firm who wishes to conduct visits by video link.

We will pass your details to SPS for them to add you the video link booking system (please note this can take at least 24 hours).

Step 2: Booking a visit

You will receive an email from SPS advising that you have been registered and can now book prison video link visits.

You should follow the same procedure when booking a ‘visit’ by video link as for booking a physical visit by using the agents’ visits phone line at the prison. Remember to specify that you wish to conduct the visit by video link when booking.

Visits by video link can be booked up to seven days in advance.  Please ensure that you book 24 hours in advance of the required visit. A shorter notification period may be possible if the prison is able to accommodate the request.

Exclusions: Currently a visit by video link should not be undertaken where:

  • An interpreter is required
  • The prisoner is considered to be vulnerable in any way
  • The prisoner requires to review/see documents or other material.
  • Useful Information once registered to use the Video Conferencing facilities with SPS