Access to information

Publication Scheme

A guide to information available through the SLAB Publication Scheme, including formats, charges and exemptions

Data breach

Find out what a data breach is and how to report one

Examples of information that we will, or will not, be able to give to you

By law, there is some information we cannot give you including, for example:

  • Details of a legal aid application by someone other than you
  • Sensitive personal information about anyone – whether they are applicants for legal aid, solicitors, our staff or anyone else
  • Information that would be likely to damage someone’s commercial interests substantially
  • Information that we hold for the purpose of an investigation into criminal matters.

However, so long as the law allows it, and we hold the records, and no legal exemption applies, then we will normally give you information about, for example:

  • Your own legal aid application, and how we reached any decisions on it
  • Statistics (as well as those we already publish) about the number of legal aid cases and spending
  • What we spend on specific parts of our administration.

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How to contact us

Depending on the information you need, you should contact one of the following:

For data protection issues

Tel: 0131 226 7061

For subject access requests

Tel: 0131 226 7061

For freedom of information issues

Tel: 0131 226 7061

For data breaches

Tel: 0131 226 7061

For records management

All public authorities named in the Public Records (Scotland) Act are required to manage their records in a structured way.

You can view our current Records Management Policy on our Policy and procedure publications page.



If you wish to write to us, please send your letter to:
Scottish Legal Aid Board
Thistle House
91 Haymarket Terrace
EH12 5HE

Personal visit

You may prefer to visit us in person to ask for, or get information, from our Publication Scheme. It is helpful if you contact us first to arrange an appointment.

Tel: 0131 226 7061