Applying for an increase beyond the standard cost limit: procedure and information to provide

If the standard cost limit is not sufficient to conclude the case, you can apply for an increase in funding. You should complete the amend application. There is no limit to the number of amend applications you can submit.

Our policy is that we will grant a request to increase a cost limit where we consider that, firstly, the work proposed in order to bring the case to a conclusion appears to be proportionate; and, secondly, the specific sum sought appears to be reasonable.

Your amend application needs to explain why the available expenditure is running out and what work is needed to bring the case to a conclusion.

You should provide an estimate of the total case costs to date, and a breakdown of the future costs you think you are likely to incur.

It should also give up to date information about the prospects of success for the assisted person.

You should include details of:

  • counsel and expert fees
  • other significant outlays including reporter’s or curator’s costs
  • likely length of any court hearings including estimates of time needed for any proof
  • number of child welfare hearings in the case, if applicable
  • any equalities considerations which impact on the cost of the case
  • any special needs of your client, that require additional assistance or expenditure
  • any transfer of agency which has taken place, where a substantial amount of work has already been undertaken by the outgoing solicitor.

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