Situations in which retrospective authority for a case cost increase may be granted

Usually, you need our prior approval to exceed the cost limit. We may grant an increase in the limit retrospectively if we are satisfied that the additional funding would have been agreed and that there is a special reason why prior approval was not asked for. This is more than simply forgetting to ask.

Suitable reasons may include:

  • where you are ordered to meet the expenses of a particular outlay and the liability for this cost was not known in advance of the work being ordered
  • additional court days are allocated for a case and there is no time to ask us for extra funding
  • urgent situations where work may be essential and there is no time to seek a prospective increase
  • where you have taken over acting for your client from a previous solicitor and did not have full details of their costs.

If you apply for exceptional case status or an additional fee post- case, we will be prepared to consider a request for a retrospective increase in case costs if needed. This happens once your costs have been calculated on a detailed basis.

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