Cost limitations on grants of civil legal aid: how the limit is calculated and what is covered

All grants of civil legal aid are subject to cost limitation, it varies depending on the work covered by the grant. Each cost limit is inclusive of all costs in the case. It covers all your fees, use of experts and all other outlays. The limits are exclusive of VAT for solicitors and counsel.

We will always notify you of the cost limit for your grant. If the nature of the proceedings or the court changes, the cost limit in place will only ever be amended upwards. There are no situations where it will be reduced.

The cost limit is based on the primary category selected. If there are ancillary craves these do not increase the standard cost

Cost limitations put us in a broadly comparable position with other third party funders and private fee paying clients. We can assess the on-going prospects of success for a case and determine the level of expenditure proportionate to it.

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