Seeking a review of the case cost limit applied: procedure and information to provide

If you ask us for a higher level of funding than the standard cost limit when you apply for civil legal aid and we refuse this request, you can seek a review of the condition imposed on the grant of legal aid in terms of the available expenditure.  Section 14(1G) allows the person receiving legal aid, subject to a condition imposed in terms of section 14(1F), to ask us to review any such condition.  You should apply for a review using the review application form.  The review should be supported by as much information as you have to show the need for expenditure beyond the standard limit.  This could include details of:

  • any large or unusual costs expected in the case
  • information about the need for experts
  • details to support an immediate or future need for counsel and
  • information about any special needs of the assisted person.

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