Second solicitor giving advice and assistance on the same matter: prior authority required

Your client cannot be given advice and assistance on the same matter by more than one solicitor without our prior authority. The online advice and assistance application for authority must:

  • Be made by the second or subsequent solicitor
  • Show that solicitor’s willingness to act
  • Include a statement of the reasons for seeking such authority

Your client is not usually entitled to more than one grant of advice and assistance for a diagnostic interview from you or any other solicitor within any three month period following the approval for earlier diagnostic advice.

If your client seeks a second or further diagnostic interview within a three-month period, you must get our authority. We will only give this in exceptional circumstances and if you give us good reasons. If we refuse authority, you can ask us online to review this decision.

If we have agreed to substitute standard advice and assistance for the diagnostic interview, it becomes standard advice and assistance from its commencement.

No work is chargeable until we grant this authority.

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