Templated increases in authorised expenditure for certain hearing types where ABWOR has been granted under the 2011 Act

There is a templated increase for six specified hearing types. These are:

  • A S35 Application to the sheriff for a Child Assessment Order
  • A S38 Application to the sheriff for a Child Protection Order
  • A second working day children’s hearing
  • A S48 Application to the sheriff for variation or termination of a Child Protection Order
  • A hearing contemplating placing a child in secure accommodation
  • A ‘custody’ hearing where a child is alleged to have committed a criminal offence 

If you select the children’s category code CHSA and have granted ABWOR to your client for one of the above hearings, you can select the template option to £350 to:

  • Advise your client before hearing
  • Correspond and make necessary phone calls
  • Prepare for the hearing
  • Negotiate with parties
  • Travel to and from hearing
  • Conduct the hearing
  • Advise after the hearing

The six hearings covered by the template can take place very quickly and sometimes out of hours. The template can only be used once in an application.

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