Guidance for using the online accounts system following the introduction of summary and solemn fee reforms

The solemn and summary fee reforms come into effect on 29 April 2023.

Our recent update gave details on the increases to solicitors’ legal assistance fees and how the regulations are introducing revised payment arrangements for summary and solemn criminal legal aid.

We have now produced guidance on the various system changes to Legal Aid Online as a result of the reforms.

Summary fee reform

The summary fee reform has enabled us to simplify our on-line accounts system for these types of claim.

Our guidance provides details of the improvements we have made to the system to assist using the on-line system for Summary/ABWOR fixed fee cases:

Solemn fee reform

The fee reforms simplify the process of drafting your solemn claim as fewer work items will be required to make up your claim.

In October 2022 we also introduced the simplified Interim Claim process which should always be used until such time as the case has concluded. This includes in circumstances where a case has been transferred away from you.

Our solemn guidance covers:

More information

For any queries in connection with changes made to the on-line account please contact: Lynne Dunlop

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