Using Legal Aid Online to submit accounts

This guidance material focuses on different accounts types.

Please note that due to system developments we are in the process of updating the material and new content will start to be added shortly.

Fee reform online accounts guidance: effective 29 April 2023

Information on system changes for summary and solemn reform

Summary fee reform

The summary fee reform has enabled us to simplify our on-line accounts system for these types of claim.

This guidance provides details of the improvements we have made to the system to assist using the on-line system for Summary/ABWOR fixed fee cases.

  • Summary fixed fees
  • ABWOR fixed fees
  • Account calculation totals
  • Interim claims
  • ABWOR: expenditure calculations and interim claims

Solemn fee reform: accessing online account, fee table options and transitional arrangements

  • Accessing for first time on or after 29 April 2023: where you have not previously accessed the on-line account and the case was effective pre-29 April
  • Accessing for first time on or after 29 April 2023: where you have previously accessed the on-line account prior to 29 April
  • Transfers and the transitional arrangements
  • Effective post 28 April 2023

Solemn fee reform: work items - simplification of claims

See also: Video guides to Solemn Fees under Schedule 1A, Part 2

The fee reforms simplify the process of drafting your solemn claim as fewer work items will be required to make up your claim.

The reform fee table has reduced the number of fees available such that the on-line process represents the simplest way to make your claim.

Where the solemn reform fee table is being used there will no longer be an option to submit these claims on paper – other than for the following exceptions.

A paper account will only be accepted where:

  • an application for exceptional case status has been granted; or
  • there has been a transfer of solicitor and any solicitor in those proceedings has submitted an account which has been paid, in full or in part, under Schedule 1 and we subsequently receive and approve a written request, that the accounts of all respective solicitors who have acted under the grant of legal aid wish to submit an account under Schedule 1A, Part 2.

In October 2022 we also introduced the simplified Interim Claim process which should always be used until such time as the case has concluded. This includes in circumstances where a case has been transferred away from you.

This guidance provides an overview of how to draft your claims and how the new fees work.

  • Transfers of legal aid
  • Preparing an account when acting for more than one accused
  • Block 1a: admitted to bail
  • Block 1b: not admitted to bail
  • Block 3: communication fee
  • Block 4: perusal fee
  • Block 5a: preparation fee – case proceeds to trial
  • Block 5b: preparation fee – Section 76 disposal
  • Block 5c: preparation fee – in any other case
  • Block 6: post conviction work
  • Time and line: Schedule 1A

Further information

If you require any further system advice please contact Lynne Dunlop.

FAQs about using online accounts

FAQs relating to the new process for submitting paper accounts

More information

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