Legal Aid Online: Monday 28 November update

We would like to extend our appreciation again for your patience while we resolve the remaining issues and work on the New View case page to ensure it meets your needs.

We had a constructive meeting with members of the Law Society of Scotland committee last week where we gave assurances that we would not remove the link to old view case until we are satisfied the new views case meets user needs.

We intend to have another meeting in early December.

Fixed: 28 November 2022

The list below gives the fixes deployed on 28 November.

Type Fix
Create Client Unable to save client message is now clearer that some information is missing
Create Client We have changed the label from Forename to First Name to try and stop the number of applications coming through with the surname and first name in the wrong boxes. This is creating extra work from assessment officers in SLAB and slowing down responses to
Create Client Problem matching applicant going through Create New has now been resolved
Remittances Remittance advice – order on page and duplicate outlays
Remittances We have added a dustbin to remove read slips from your list. We are still working on the counter on the tab
Create Case We have resolved the issues on the Edinburgh/Local agent drop down showing end dated solicitors in the list
Create Case Solicitors reference no longer forced to have more than 5 characters
New View Case Error on some accounts drilling down from Application History should now be resolved
New View Case Errors in creating an exceptional application from View Case actions should now be resolved
New View Case The attachment limit on all parts of the system is now 15MB which should allow Form 2 to be attached without issue
New View Case Sort display of date when application at Draft, Under Assessment, and Pending
Civil Drafts Civsols showing twice in drafts report. Will now only show once
Civil Drafts SU – Primary category code displaying as ‘None’ has been fixed
Summary/solemn applications Now cannot create a 2nd review on summary and solemn applications

Ongoing issues

If you experience any issues on LAOL please refer to the Legal Aid Online: ongoing issues and workarounds page.

This shows anything we are aware of that is not working as it should – and workarounds to address the issue(s).

If your issue is not listed, please report it to the online Helpdesk at

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