Legal Aid Online: system unavailable 9-11pm on 1 February

We are implementing a few bug fixes that require Legal Aid Online to be unavailable between 9-11pm tonight.

The key improvements as a result of this deployment are summarised below:

LAOL time out

We have improved the time out for legal aid online and will ask you to refresh the page to keep you logged in if the page is due to time out. This will avoid the need to log back because of frequent time outs.

We have a time out of around one hour inactivity before LAOL will attempt to time out.

Visual of Legal Aid Online time out.


Bugs around adding and updating addresses have now been fixed.

Using the address finder option should always be a default but the manual input of an address is now more streamlined and shouldn’t get stuck on the page.


We have fixed some bugs and error messages when framing certain accounts, and fixed a time bar issue that stopped some accounts being submitted.

We have also fixed issues inputting accounts in Civil transfer cases.

Entering partner details on Criminal Appeals

Issues around this should now be resolved.

Ongoing issues

If you experience any issues on LAOL please refer to the Legal Aid Online: ongoing issues and workarounds page.

This shows anything we are aware of that is not working as it should – and workarounds to address the issue(s).

If your issue is not listed, please report it to the online Helpdesk at

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