Solicitors contacting Criminal Applications team

As our workloads have returned to pre-lockdown levels, we have now increased the number of mobile phones we are using while our main office and switchboard at Thistle House in Edinburgh remains closed.

This should make it easier for you to contact us about urgent cases.

If your call goes to voicemail, you will be advised of the other number(s) to ring.  Alternatively, you can phone another number for the area of the department you need to contact.

The new numbers are listed on our Contact us pages. The contact page also has information for accounts and Legal Aid Online technical support.

The following numbers should now be used for the specific types of criminal applications:

Summary Criminal Applications and Transfers

  • 07917 588538
  • 07917 587374
  • 07917 581701

Criminal A&A and ABWOR Applications and Increases/Police Station Advice/Solemn Criminal Applications

  • 07917 588545
  • 07917 588543
  • 07917 588546
  • 07917 588547

Criminal Sanctions/Criminal Appeals/Parole Board Increases

  • 07918 334811
  • 07918 334797
  • 07918 334807

Criminal Duty Plans

  • 0131 240 1945

In addition, you can still contact us by email on:

For more information, please contact Kingsley Thomas, Head of Criminal Legal Assistance. E:


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