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Find information on your nearest solicitor who offers help through legal aid, or other legal advice providers funded by SLAB. Enter a town or postcode, or click on the map.

For civil matters you can also search by the type of case.

Please note that although a firm is registered for legal aid work, they may not be taking on new clients.

The information SLAB holds on firms has been provided by solicitor firms or organisations when they registered to carry out legal aid work and from a survey in June 2015. It is reliant upon them keeping us up-to-date on any changes.

Only basic information is provided for firms who haven't supplied us with details of the case types they handle or office accessibility details. Please be aware that if no local firm is listed when you search under a specific civil category, use all types of cases to find the largest number of solicitor firms closest to you who may undertake that kind of case. We are attempting to gather more information to improve the Solicitor Finder’s accuracy but this is dependent upon this being supplied by the profession.

If you are a member of the profession and your firm’s information is not up-to-date, please fill out this form 
to have it amended.

Information below the map gives notes and terms and conditions for using our solicitor finder.

Printable lists of firms and solicitors registered for Criminal, Civil and Children's legal assistance

How do I know if my case is civil or criminal?

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     Search tips:

    • When the list of results appears, click on the name of the firm or on a number on the map to read more
    • Move on to the next 10 firms by clicking on next page at the bottom of the listing, just under the scroll bar
    • Get travel directions by entering your postcode in the From box and clicking Get Route
    • If you are searching for a civil case, please be aware that the solicitor finder information is based on a survey, and not all firms responded. If no local firm is listed when you search under the civil category, use all types of case to find the largest number of solicitor firms closest to you.
    • Some firms who are registered to carry out legal aid work have provided us with accessibility information about their office. If applicable, you can find this information in the Accessibility tab.

    Points to note / terms and conditions of using our solicitor finder:

    SLAB provides information on firms registered to provide legal aid services, including through the solicitor finder for the purposes of public information. Every reasonable care is taken to avoid errors and omissions. However, we will not accept responsibility for any errors and/or omissions that may occur, save for correcting the error, or making good the omission, as soon as is reasonable.

    Information on firms has been provided by the solicitors' firms or organisations that are contained in the list. An entry in this list, therefore, must not be taken as implying any recommendation or endorsement by us of any kind in respect of any of the solicitors' firms contained therein.

    The accuracy of the advice provided by all firms mentioned on these pages or on other sites to which these pages are linked, is the responsibility of the particular organisation, company or individual and no responsibility is accepted by us for inaccurate or misleading advice provided by such companies, organisations or individuals.

    Solicitor Registers

    Firms of solicitors need to be registered with SLAB to do legal assistance work. See the Civil Legal Assistance Register, the Criminal Legal Assistance Register and the Children's Legal Assistance Register (solicitors registered to give advice or representation in relation to a children’s hearing or any associated court proceedings).