Multiple grants of advice and assistance

Your client may consult you about several different matters, at the initial application stage or subsequently during the course of advice on another matter. You are required to decide whether the advice and assistance relates to one or more distinct matters.

You should generally make one single grant of advice and assistance, if necessary seeking an appropriate increase in authorised expenditure.

By way of guidance, we list some examples of situations where it would not be appropriate to make more than one grant:

  • For advice given to your client on a variety of subject matters before criminal complaints have been served
  • Where criminal complaints have been served, if the work is of a similar nature for each
  • In criminal cases where your client has a number of fines outstanding and seeks advice in connection with appearances at means enquiry courts
  • Where your client has a number of failure to appear cases, particularly when the circumstances surrounding these failures are similar
  • Where advice is given in connection with a number of breach or review proceedings, probation, community service orders, drug treatment and testing orders and other post-conviction proceedings

We will only pay for the work that would reasonably have been undertaken under the initial grant.

If you are unsure about whether to make one or more grant of advice and assistance, you should seek advice from our Criminal Applications Department.

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