Procedure for withdrawing from giving advice and assistance/private charging after a grant of advice and assistance

If you wish to stop giving advice and assistance to a client on a particular matter you must:

  • Give us notice of your withdrawal

Explain to your client that they must get our permission if they are considering seeking advice and assistance on the same subject matter from another solicitor

Equally, you cannot give the client further advice and assistance in relation to the same criminal matter without our prior approval.

Private charging

You may enter a situation where your client still wants you to advise them after a request for an increase in authorised expenditure has been refused. You may proceed to do this on a privately paying basis, however:

  • Your client must consent to becoming a privately paying client
  • Advice and assistance must have ended
  • Work done under advice and assistance can only be charged at rates within the limit of authorised expenditure
  • You must tell your client the arrangements for payment

You cannot give your client advice privately while the grant of advice and assistance is continuing.

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