Workaround to resolve issue with agents-to-prison video software for Apple devices

We have been notified of an issue with Apple devices using the latest version of the Polycom app for agents-to-prison video consultations.

A new release of the Polycom app released on 20 May would appear to have stopped solicitors connecting to the prisons using Apple devices.

Your Polycom app will have updated to the latest version automatically.

SPS have put a workaround in place.

The workaround comprises of an alternative link for agents to use, and is now included in the embedded email that you receive when a booking is made.

Please use the link ‘Temporary link for SLAB Agents’ when connecting to your visit.

The link is shown in the screenshot below under the ‘Video Link Details heading’.

It does mean that any existing bookings should be re-booked i.e. cancelled and rebooked to ensure you have the up to date booking information and the new URL link embedded in the email. Any new bookings, for example, bookings made from now on, will have the alternate link embedded.

Polygon app screen showing Video Link Details notification screen, with dial code and temporary agent links in blue on the right hand side.

If you are not already registered to carry out VC prison visits, you will need to complete the mandate on our VC registration page.

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