Meet our people

Meet some of our people, including Civil Legal Assistance solicitors and an Assistant Manager who has worked at SLAB for over 20 years.

Working for the Civil Legal Assistance Office (CLAO)

Read about some of the varied roles, locations and benefits on offer to solicitors working for the Civil Legal Assistance Office.

  • An insight into being a CLAO Head of Office – Angela Graham
  • Varied casework major appeal of CLAO Highland & Islands solicitor role
  • How a social welfare solicitor helps – a CLAO perspective
  • The rewards of being a housing and homelessness solicitor

Manager, Civil Finance Department

“I’ve been with the Legal Aid Board for over 20 years and have really enjoyed my time here. My first job was as an admin assistant in Treasury, and from there I progressed my way up through the organisation. I became a collector then a deputy team leader, then a team leader and then to my current role as assistant manager.

I’d say the reason I’ve been with the organisation so long is down to the fact that I find the work really interesting. It’s very varied and is generally a great place to work. I like that every day is different and you often have to juggle lots of different tasks at once. My job certainly keeps me on my toes.”

Collections officer

“I first joined the Legal Aid Board because I wanted to be part of an established organisation that would make the most of my experience. I’ve been here two years now and I’m pleased to say the role has exceeded my expectations.

I like the fact that it’s very varied and every day brings something different. I also enjoy working with my team and I’d say our work environment is a really positive one.”


“I started with the Legal Aid Board six years ago. I was looking for a job which would be rewarding and interesting, but would also allow some flexibility, so I could fit my job around my family. And that’s what SLAB offered.

I’ve found the work to be varied and interesting. We see applications in a wide variety of cases and the work is often topical. Many issues that we consider are reported in the media and it’s hugely interesting being involved in the decision making.”

Team leader, Accounts Verification Unit

“In 1990 I moved to Edinburgh and was looking to secure employment. I had previously worked in both the private and public sector and enjoyed office work, so when I came across an opportunity at the Legal Aid Board, I decided to go for it.

Altogether I’ve been here for just over sixteen years. After thirteen and a half years I decided I wanted to try something different. I worked elsewhere for three years then re-applied with SLAB.

I was pleased to come back. The department I work in now was new when I joined and we inherited various projects, so I had to get up to speed with things very quickly. And I enjoyed that. I’d say the other things I like about SLAB are my team and colleagues throughout the organisation. Plus the fact, there’s never a dull moment.”

Assistant manager, Information systems

“Like many people here, I’ve been with the Legal Aid Board for over a decade, seventeen years in fact. I first applied for a job at SLAB because I’d heard it was a great place to work, and I’ve not been disappointed.

I like that I’m kept busy and the work is challenging. I also enjoy the fact that I’m continually learning. I get to learn about everything from managing people to new technology. I suppose my biggest challenge is ensuring the continuous operation of SLAB’s systems, not to mention keeping our customers happy at all times.”

Deputy team leader, Criminal accounts

“Prior to joining the Legal Aid Board 12 years ago, I worked in an insurance company. I wanted a change of direction and SLAB offered that.

I think everyone here enjoys the fact that the work is very varied, I know I certainly do. No two days are the same, and that’s great. I suppose the biggest challenge in my role is the need to meet deadlines. It’s also down to me to make sure team morale is high, so I do my best to make sure everyone is happy and positive in their roles.”