Policy and procedure where providing a diagnostic interviews only or multiple interviews

You can only provide your client with a diagnostic interview once during the three months from the date of a diagnostic interview. However, if exceptional circumstance and cause is shown, you get our authority to give a second or further diagnostic interview.

To ask for our approval you can:

  • Make the request at the time of the online advice and assistance application
  • Telephone us, if urgent

The online application allows you to explain why a further diagnostic grant of advice and assistance may be appropriate.

If we refuse authority for a further grant of diagnostic advice and assistance, you can ask us, by way of online message, to review our decision.

Cases where you undertake a diagnostic interview only

Your involvement with you client ends if, following a diagnostic interview, you decide that:

  • Your client does not need further assistance from you
  • There is no basis for you to apply to us to provide standard advice and assistance
  • We refuse to authorise this

You may wish to suggest alternative sources of advice that might be available.

The Law Society of Scotland has given its view that you do not need to send terms of engagement letters if the matter has been concluded within the grant of diagnostic advice and assistance.

You have three months from the date you finish the work to send us the detailed account.

Authorised expenditure in a diagnostic case is £50, and there is a separate scale for your client’s contributions for this. We cannot grant an increase in authorised expenditure for a diagnostic interview.

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