Choosing the correct A&A category code: Civil or Children’s

A&A category codes: when should the civil category code ‘FAM’ be used?

The FAM code covers civil family issues where there is no other obvious code available. It should be used where there is:

  • Social work involvement on a voluntary basis
  • No referral to the Reporter and/or no Compulsory Supervision Order in place for the child
  • No realistic prospect of any CPO being sought by the SWD.

If you are giving advice to your client on the rights and obligations of the SWD, where this involves their child who is residing in voluntary care then the FAM category code should be used.

A&A category codes: when should the children’s category code ‘CHSA’ be used?

The CHSA code covers work under the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011, which deals with the Children’s Hearings System including where:

  • the social work department (SWD) seeks a Child Protection Order,
  • A child is referred to the Reporter
  • All subsequent proceedings before children’s hearings and related court proceedings

The CHSA code does not cover voluntary social work involvement.  It should be used where the matter concerns a referral to the children’s Reporter or where there is a realistic expectation that a Child Protection Order (CPO) will be sought imminently resulting in the Reporter’s involvement and the Children’s Hearing System.

If your client wants to withdraw their voluntary consent to their child residing outwith their care and the SWD have advised that they will seek a CPO if this happens, then the CHSA category code should be used.

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