Granting standard advice and assistance

There are two types of civil advice and assistance: standard and diagnostic. The category codes card shows whether a matter is diagnostic or standard.

Tests you must apply before granting standard advice and assistance

You can grant standard civil advice and assistance up to the initial limits of £135 or £180 where:

  • Subject matter is included among those listed in the category codes card
  • You have satisfied yourself that it is reasonable to give advice and assistance, considering the value and importance of the case and the likely costs
  • Your client meets the financial eligibility tests
  • None of the exceptions listed below applies.

Circumstances where you require our prior approval to give standard advice and assistance

You must get our authority to give standard advice and assistance if:

  • The subject matter does not come within those listed in the category codes card.
  • Your client has previously received advice and assistance (a diagnostic interview or standard civil advice and assistance) on the same matter from any other solicitor.
  • Your client has other rights and facilities, such as legal expenses insurance or trade union cover, that might make it unnecessary for them to receive advice and assistance or ABWOR

If we refuse authority for the grant of advice and assistance, you can ask us, by way of online message, to review our decision.

Once standard advice and assistance is in place you can seek ABWOR, using the ABWOR application if appropriate.

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