Choosing the right financial information form for the client

You should ask the applicant to complete one of the applicant’s financial eligibility forms – either:

CIV/FIN/1, if the applicant is

  • receiving income support, an income-related employment and support allowance, income-based jobseeker’s allowance or Universal Credit.
  • receiving payments from the National Asylum Support Service or
  • applying on behalf of a child


CIV/FIN/2, in all other cases.

If the applicant is employed or a company director, they must also get their employer or company secretary to complete form CIV/FIN/3, Statement of earnings by your present employer, and return it to us with their financial eligibility form.

Some applicants may need help in completing these forms.  Please encourage them to contact our Financial Assessment Unit if they would like to speak to someone about completing them.  The applicant can return the forms to you, for submission with the solicitor’s application form, or directly to us.

Before asking the applicant to sign any forms, you must ensure that they have a copy of the leaflet Civil legal aid – information for applicants.  You should also ensure that they understand the implications of receiving a grant of legal aid.

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