The opponent’s right to lodge representations: potential impact on reasonableness

We will send the opponent a copy of the statutory statement explaining the nature of the case and your client’s interest in it. An opponent has the right to send us representations within 14 days (28 days if they are living overseas). We accept representations made outwith this period.

Importance of providing accurate information about opponents: identifying the correct opponent and address

It is important that you give us accurate information about the opponents so that we can send the statutory statement to the correct address.  If we are given incorrect details this may delay the application.

When completing details about the opponent, if they are an organisation you should ensure that the address you give is that of the appropriate individual or office or this will result in delays.

Applying for us to waive the notification requirement on opponents

In some circumstances you may apply for us to waive the requirement for intimation. This can be done by noting “not to be intimated” in the first line of the opponents address, and omitting their address from the application form. You must also provide us with an explanation in the free text box “reasons why there are no supporting documents” within the civ sol registration.

If you do not know the opponent’s address, you must still tell us their name.

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