Civil legal aid applications: statements and other documents we need

Statements and documents we need to assess the merits of the application fall into two distinct categories:

  • Necessary material to assess the merits of the application
  • Material to validate your client’s financial eligibility

In general, we will expect to see:

  • Statement from your client
  • Supporting statement from an individual with knowledge of the situation, if available, unless getting such a statement would be likely to cause excessive difficulty, expense or delay (if not available or not being provided explain why not)
  • In any application by a defender or respondent, a copy of the writ served

All statements should show the date on which they were taken. Your client’s statement should contain sufficient information to confirm that the proposed court has jurisdiction to deal with the proceedings.

Do not send us original documents or productions in support of applications, photocopies will suffice.  Marriage and birth certificates need not, in general, be produced, unless they are of particular significance to some matter in issue.

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